Iceland: Golden Circle in Winter


So, eventually on our last day, with the ring road eastwards-bound still blocked, we decided to hit up the big tourist trail – the Golden Circle. And we were stoked. Not so much by Gulfoss or Geysir, but by nature itself. Up there, a little further inland, with the mountains a lot closer, the landscape and light looked different. A little softer, more pink tunes and blue hues in the evening. The horses were our constant companions, braving the cold a lot better than we were. Our car was a trooper on the little icy side roads that we took to cross up north from the southern coastline. And the light – I will never forget this warm wonderful light caressing over this beautiful land.


Hey, dude – The horses were ever so curious and cute.

I do miss these roads and the freedom they entail….

Gulfoss in winter time – mostly frozen, still majestic, with a rainbow dancing in the winter light


Geysir – well, it looked impressive when the fountain blew up, but the other hundred of tourists standing there and the cold wind made us move on pretty quickly.

This color palette, however, I could stare at forever.

Dreaming of living here….


Rhapsody in blue – the following pictures were taken around Thingvellir just before sunset. Blue hues during blue hour. Calm, quiet, beautiful.

Me, very happy. Thank you, Iceland, for those four mindblowing days!

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