Horses of Iceland

Finally, a few pictures of our recent trip to Iceland. And obviously, I have to start with the quintessential – the very reason I have wanted to travel to Iceland since I’ve started horse riding some 20 years ago. The Icelandic horses. As a kid, I borrowed all the books from our local library that were featuring Iceland and its horses. I had different horse trekking routes mapped out and even considered working on a farm there. However, it somehow never worked out and other dream destinations took priority over Iceland for quite a while. This year, probably propelled by the social media hype around Iceland, I finally took the plunge and booked flights for a winter trip to Iceland.


Once I was there, I was totally smitten. When driving along the ring road in winter, we were amazed by nature’s beauty, the warm winter light, the rugged landscapes, the glaciers, the frozen rivers and waterfalls, the vastness, the space. And there, strong and sturdy, in wind and snow, the beautiful Icelandic horses. Ever so curious when you approached them.

We stopped along the road multiple times (read: every few hundred meters) so I could hop out of the car and just watch those beautiful creatures. Herds of more than 40 horses, with little foals stepping curiously towards me, were roaming freely in the plains. It is safe to say that there are more horses in Iceland than humans.

I even went horse riding in the cold, packed up in a snow suit. I was barely able to move, mounting my horse Freya was a real challenge but the ride through winter wonderland with the frozen rivers in that pink morning light was an unforgettable experience. For those of you interested, I went horse riding with Eldhestar and was very happy with the experience.

So, enough of the talk now, enjoy the pictures! And #sorrynotsorry that there are so many…fellow horse lovers will understand, I couldn’t narrow them down!





The same herd, later that day…






This brave fellow made my day! He had eyed me from a distance for quite a while until finally walking over to me.


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