Hiking Adventures: “Nagelfluhkette” and wellness fun in Austria

Back in June we spent a week in the “Allgäu” for some hiking. Since I was pretty exhausted from work, I made the following deal with Martin: first, we were going hiking for four days straight, sleeping in alpine huts on the way ( so “Matratzenlager”, no shower) and spend one last night in the end in my favorite spa hotel in Austria, Hotel Juffing.

So Martin came up with the idea to cross the “Nagelfluhkette” in the Allgäu, a mountain range of moderate elevation where the mountain shelters were already open and catering to hikers in early June (in the higher alpine regions, the huts only open mid-june). The Nagelfluhkette offers a lot of little summits to conquer, it is a constant up and down but a great hike with the “Nagelfluh” marking a special type of rock, similar to concrete mixed with stones of all sorts and sizes (see above, I hope my description made sense). It reminded me of those flower buckets in the 80’s….anyway, it was a great hike and I’d highly recommend it. Especially the Staufner Haus and the Alpe Mittelberg were wonderful places to spent a night (with even a shower in both places).







At Alpe Mittelberg, an older couple and their son have a little milk and cheese production with 28 cows that roam around on the surrounding lush green hills and come in every night for milking. Since I am mostly a city kid, I loved to watch and also take part in the milking process and learn something about milk and cheese production. And the milk was simply incredible. Also, I made good friends with the other animals at the farm, especially the pigs 🙂

At Staufner Haus, a very friendly family is running the place and we spent a great afternoon browsing through alpine magazines, eating “Kaiserschmarrn” and enjoying the views. The “Käsespätzle” were phenomenal too.



Eventually, after completing the hike, we drove over to Hinterthiersee in Austria (which took us a lot longer than what we had envisioned but well) and had a wonderful and relaxing time at Hotel Juffing. The hotel is run in a very familial style and Sonja Juffinger-Konzett makes it a priority to get to know her guests and make them feel at home. As an interior design addict, I love their style and the food is beyond incredible. This is no advertisement per se, as I am not paid or rewarded in any way to say this, I really just like the place that much. See for yourself, pictures to follow.


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