Mornings at Inle Lake


There are still way too many pictures sitting on my hard drive from my trip to Myanmar that I haven’t edited yet…so I thought I’d share a few from my morning boat trip at Inle lake that hardly need any editing. Inle Lake is the biggest lake in Myanmar and home to the tribe of Inta people who have created a unique lifestyle on and around the lake. The lake is an important source of water in a otherwise pretty dry area. The Inta have established swimming gardens on the lake boasting an impressive variety of vegetables – tomatoes, aubergines, peas and different lettuce. Also, the Inta men have developed a unique fishing technique, rowing the little canoes with their legs.

However, the fisher men pictured in the following photos do not come out on the lake in the early morning to fish – posing for the tourists had become a more lucrative pastime. I felt very weird sitting there in my boat, watching them pose. I tried to snap a picture when they turned away from me to catch a more natural picture. The posing takes away the originality of the scene and atmosphere – but one can understand the local fishermen. For us travellers, this seems to be a sad effect of tourism, for the locals this might also be a reliable source of income. Especially, when the fish population is in decline…maybe it’s a winwin, maybe not. It is difficult to judge….i only spent two days on the lake so I don’t know enough about the local conditions to make a well-informed judgment.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the sunrise pictures!







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