Urban Jungle in Heidelberg

On days like these when everything seems to be too much the only thing that helps is a walk in the woods with a good friend. And it did. After two hours in the sweltering heat we got into a refreshing rain shower and everything seemed to be better afterwards. The shades of green surely had a healing effect. 
One might complain a lot about Heidelberg, about its conservative style, its small size and its lack of a big city culture. I don’t share these presumptions. I love Heidelberg for its small size and the fact that I can see all my friends at my favorite bars and restaurants within a 15 min bike ride. And there has been a lot of change here in recent years. New boutiques, bars and restaurants have opened and food markets and other big city exports have arrived in the region. 
However, one thing nobody ever argued about is the fact that, within a few minutes, one can forget about the city blues and refill the batteries in the forest. Just up on the “Philosophenweg” and a few turns into the forest, leaving the tourists behind, and one dives into all different shades of green. 

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