NYC: A Tribute to Chelsea and The High Line

A few pictures of some of my favorite places in the city – the art galleries in Chelsea that open their doors to the public each Thursday evening from 6pm to 8pm, displaying the works of a thriving young artistic scene along with a few glasses of wine or beer and of course, time and again, the High Line, somehow special any hour of the day, different in every lighting but, at least in my opinion, the most beautiful in warm evening light. However, when raindrops are falling, the place gets deserted and one can have the little jungle on the rail tracks all to oneself…
By the way, there is a beautiful restaurant called The Park (between W 20th and 21st on 10th Ave I think) that picks up the nature-and-jungle-theme of the High Line and has trees growing inside the restaurant. Highly recommended for dinner. Also, further down the High Line, on around W 12th, there is Bubby’s where they serve the most divine pancakes.
Well, anyway, thanks for being so awesome, New York City! 

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