Road Trip Part III: Lesotho – my new favorite African country!

After a seemingly endless and in parts quite dangerous drive I eventually arrived in Lesotho and immediately knew it was worth all the effort of coming out there – a mountain kingdom in the Drakensberg mountains where people live from their land which is free for everyone, where horses are the principle mean of transport and where the men wander around wrapped up in colorful blankets shepherding their sheep and cows. A place where you are greeted with a welcoming smile, where you can wander around freely and enjoy the peaceful scenery – a wonderful place!
And the even better – it is filled with wonderful people,too! I ran into a couple of volunteers of Africa`s Gift, a UK-based charity who are currently setting up a teaching farm out there to help the farmers to obtain a better harvest! So many inspiring encounters! 
I could go on and on about how beautiful it was out there but I will let the pictures speak for themselves!
This was my last post about my African adventures, if I ever find the time to edit my London pictures, they will be up next!
P.S.: Just a few props to my tiny car that bore with me through the whole drive and didnt break down on me on one of those bumby dirt roads! 

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