2011 – a year of traveling…

…hopefully to be continued in 2012!
While I was having breakfast this morning, I was zapping through some blogs and found a lot of “My 2011 in pics”-posts…so I wondered how my 2011 in pictures would look like and I figured it would be about traveling to European metropoles, the French countryside or roaming Southern India…I actually cant believe to how many different places I ve been this year….amazing, I hope I can keep this up 🙂
So, HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody, may 2012 be a wonderful and succesful year for all of you!

So I thought Id give it a go, this is MY 2011 in pictures….

January: Preparing for my exchange semester in beautiful Bordeaux, daydreaming about French lifestyle….

February: Enjoying French food. Always a highlight, breakfast with shrimps, oysters and a glass of white whine at the MarchĂ© aux Capucins…

March: Enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Dune de Pyla, the highest sand dune in Europe, and reading a good book…moments of peace.

April: Exploring Bordeaux and getting settled there…my new home for the six months!

May: Weekend trip to Barcelona, strolling around flea markets..amazed about all the old books!

June: Weekends of serenity spent at the beach of Cap Ferret or the Bassin d´Arcachon.

July: Weekend trip to Porto in Northern Portugal with my French roommate. First couchsurfing experience was a success, wonderful weekend with great food and port wine, all set in a stunning city!

August: Ouddorp holiday retreat – quiet days with long beach walks.

September: A day trip to Venice – eventually…

October: for once, at home, enjoying the new apartment.

 November: Hiking through the tea plantations of Munnar in Kerala.

 December: Helping the local fishers at the beach to sort their prey…at 6 a.m. – priceless!

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